Have I mentioned how much I love babywearing?  I’m not entirely sure how anyone raises a baby without wearing them.  I started when my squish was, oh, six days old, I believe?  And I was like “OH MY GOD, I HAVE HANDS AGAIN!”  It was probably a couple of months later, when I learned how to nurse in a carrier, that my mind was officially blown.  I once cooked an entire dinner while nursing.

Once I got the confidence to go out on walks, shopping trips, to markets, festivals, etc. with no stroller, just my carrier and my velcro waist pouch (and maybe a small purse with a diaper, wipes and changing pad if it’s a long trip), it was freeing beyond belief.  He can nurse in it, nap in it, be comforted in it, play with a toy in it … he can freaking LIVE in that thing, and I don’t have to be stuck to napping time tables and bogged down with a bunch of stuff.  And I get to be close with my baby during tasks where I would otherwise have to set him down alone.  GAME.  CHANGER.

I started out with a DIY stretchy wrap and a k’tan, which is kind of an idiot proof stretchy wrap, and they were amazing for when he was tiny.  I also had an Ergo Sport for when he got a bit bigger, but ended up trading it for a Beco Gemini so he could face outward ergonomically, acquiring a solarveil ring sling for the water and for hot, hot days, getting another Gemini at a conference, picking up an Ergo again because it’s comfy and has POCKETS, picking up another Ergo in another color, then selling one, selling my second Gemini, buying a Beco Butterfly but selling it a few months later, buying a mei tai, because it was cheap and it’s such a flexible carrier, and investing in my first woven wrap, because apparently wrapping is the best thing ever….

You don’t have to follow all that.  The point is, I keep buying carriers.  And I want to buy more.  So many more.  Every day there’s another one that I’m positively obsessed with.  This one has a MESH panell!  This one has ROBOTS on it!  This one’s 500% off!  So, basically, this is me:

buy ALL the carriers

But I don’t want that to scare anyone off from babywearing.  It’s not always like this.  Some people are happy with one or two carriers.  And then other people have 20 wraps and 7 mei tais and their carrier collection is worth more than my car.  I’m not even kidding.

As I told my husband, this is what people see of me.  I wear my baby approximately all the time, so no one is going to see my outfit, they’re going to see the carrier on top of it.  And they hold their value, especially when bought used, so if you buy one and sell it later, it’s like renting it for a while for FREE (with a large deposit).

So I’ve realized that carriers are like shoes.  Technically, one is all you need. I mean, you definitely need one, or else you would step on pointy things and they wouldn’t let you in restaurants.  But one would technically be sufficient.  But if you can afford it, it’s really best to have a few of different types: a tennis shoe, a sandal, a going out shoe, a pair of boots.  That’s fairly practical, and no one would judge you for it.  That’s where I’m at with carriers at the moment – a few of several different types, covering all the major bases.  But if you can afford it, maybe you get a few that serve the same basic purpose, but in different colors, to go with different outfits.  That’s where I’d like to be.  I just need a feeeeeew more….

But then there are those people with closets FULL of shoes, most of which cost hundreds of dollars.  We might judge them and call them frivolous, but most of us are embarrassed to admit that if we had the money, we’d be the same way.  I don’t know that I would, but I would certainly have at least one WCFB, WCHB, an Obi, a Tula, a SV KP….  (Those are baby carriers, for those of you not as deep into babywearing mania as I am.)

I think I’ve worn three different pairs of shoes over the last six months, all of which I’ve owned for years.  But I’ve worn probably 15 carriers in that time.  Baby carriers are my new shoes.  I would sell all my but one pair of my shoes for more carriers.

How many carriers do you have?  How many carriers do you WANT to have?

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